Custom development

At PhariSoft, we develop tailor-made software to create the solution that best suits the client.

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Transfer of knowledge

Exchange experiences and knowledge with our client giving him the autonomy to maintain our solutions easily, if he wishes.

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Methodology of work and quality control

The application of Agil methodologies and a constant evolution in our quality processes gives us an additional value.

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Know-how as a competitive advantage

The knowledge acquired in each project allows us to offer solutions that are better and faster and more profitable.

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Over 40+ skills

Years of experience and training have given us a wide range of knowledge that we put at your disposal.

Mobile development

We develop applications for the main mobile platforms, such as IOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Web Applications technologies.

We create your web application in .Net technologies such as Asp.Net WebForms, MVC, WCF, PHP, etc...


Desktop Applications

Development of desktop applications using .Net technologies, such as WebForms, Windows Presentation Foundation.

Integration with online payments

We implement payments online with major financial services such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

Our Team

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Lourdes Gonzalez

Head of the Administrative Department at PhariSoft.

J.Pedro de León

Senior Systems Analyst and Development Leader at PhariSoft

Robert R. Clavijo

Head of the Sales Department at PhariSoft.

Abraham Nuñez

Head of the Support Department at PhariSoft.

Matias Pereda

Junior Systems Programmer at PhariSoft

W. Gustavo de León

Senior Web Designer at PhariSoft.

Dario Buffa

Leader of Quality Control at PhariSoft

Ricardo Fajar

Senior Systems Programmer at PhariSoft

Your needs, our reason to exist...

We are specialized in offering solutions in consulting, development, maintenance and integration of desktop, web and mobile software.



PhariSoft was born from the union of different professionals with wide experience in the market offering R & D solutions for the development of national and international projects that required the most advanced and innovative technologies.

In 2012 PhariSoft is created as a start up to extend the knowledge and experience acquired to the business sphere, providing solutions to optimize business processes and improve information and communication management systems using the latest technologies.



Five are the pillars that support our daily activity.

1. Methodology of work.

2. Research and development.

3. Knowledge, our greatest asset.

4. Generation of Value through innovation.

5. Quality and service excellence.



Develop modular and scalable business solutions based on standard technologies, perfectly integrated with the business processes that allow us to offer services both internally and for our customers, business partners, partners, suppliers and other related entities in the company's activity.



Mastering technology and transforming it into benefits for our customers.

Business Line

PhariSoft is a customer oriented company with the aim of developing it in desktop, web and mobile environments, increasing its competitiveness in its market by adopting the latest technologies.

Our business lines allow us to offer integral solutions for the creation and maintenance of architectures and projects for various platforms and devices in dektop, web and mobile environments optimizing the time, resources and costs necessary for the development of the client's activity.

Development of projects and computer applications.

Our main line of business is focused on the design and development of customized software, either the creation of totally new applications or the adaptation of products, according to the needs and specific requirements of each client and project.

Maintenance of applications and products

Evolutionary, corrective and preventive maintenance services to evolve and adpate the applications and products created for the client according to the evolution of the environment in which the client is developed and the new needs that arise.

Integration of software and systems

Services for the integration of software and computer applications with other information systems and customer applications, creating solutions that integrate perfectly with other business processes or with existing applications within the company (HR applications, Management, Decision making, Stock, Logistics, etc.).

IT Consulting

We analyze the needs of our clients by defining the solutions that best fit the reality, resources (both human and technical) and their economy. We define both the solution and the technique and infrastructure by creating a specific action plan for each case.


We offer the technical infrastructure and the maintenance of the same in high-speed web environments with the connectivity and adequate security measures for that client that do not have their own infrastructure.


PhariSoft's services focus on the design, development and maintenance of custom software with web, desktop and mobile technology, as well as providing the necessary infrastructure for its production according to customer safety, scalability and performance requirements.

In PhariSoft we develop customized software, creating the solution that best suits the client, both from a functional and technological point of view, developing Adhoc applications and implementing and customizing products on the market.

The applications we create can be integrated with other information systems and / or business processes at a horizontal (extra-departmental) or vertical (intra-departmental) level.

Any development we carry out (and its subsequent maintenance) can be carried out with the technology requested by the client creating modular, efficient and safe solutions.

In each case we establish the appropriate project to create solid and robust applications that allow our client to meet their objectives and save costs in internal management.

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